What forms do I fill out to take to the American Consular office to get my J-1 visa passport stamp?

All J-visa applicants must complete the interactive Form DS-160, using the Internet link: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv

You will need receipts for advance payment of the two visa fees to the American Consulate and SEVIS.  Check the website of the American Embassy in your home country to download these documents.  CHF includes a letter of instruction when forwarding the necessary backup paperwork to exchange teachers who are accepted into the program.

All J-visa applicants must complete the interactive SEVIS Form I-901.

Pay the SEVIS fee ($220) on https://www.fmjfee.com – J-1 teachers only (not J-2 dependents). Use the Cordell Hull Foundation Program No. and your SEVIS ID (upper right-hand corner of Form DS-2019).

Read the specific procedures on the websites and follow the instructions.   The US State Department (foreign affairs Cabinet) collects the DS-160 fee and the US Department of Homeland Security (US Immigration Cabinet) collects the SEVIS fee.  Please accept CHF’s apologies for the many complexities of the process resulting from these two separate departments competing to collect fees from foreign nationals.  Note that CHF has a sponsorship fee, but we do not charge the teacher because the J-1 visa is part of an exchange program.

Additional documents may be requested for non-immigrant visas in certain countries.