US Arrival

What do I do when I first arrive in the United States?

First email to this Cordell Hull Foundation email address:

1. Your current US address (temporary or permanent)
2. Your current U.S. contact phone no.  (not the school number)
3. Proof of Health Insurance coverage

Only after you send this information will you be cleared to apply for your Social Security Number at the Social Security administration office 24-48 hours from the next business day after you inform us.  Go online to and input your zip code to find the office nearest you.

If you already have obtained a Social Security Number, you must use that older number.  However, you are still not eligible to work in the United States until you provide your immediate contact information and proof of current health insurance.  You can find the specific health insurance requirements on:

For more information on obtaining your SSN, consult the online CHF Orientation Manual as noted in the previous J-1 Visa Process email.  Click the link:  and choose your language.

IMPORTANT:  After you have your permanent address and cell phone number, you must input your US address and cell phone no. – you need a US cell phone in order to be in J-1 visa status – into the Zoho Cultural Activity and Insurance portal.  After you contact CHF, we will send you the link in Zoho to upload this information.

After you provide proof of health insurance (unless you have already sent it in advance), we will validate your J-1 visa status in the social security database so that you can apply for a number that enables you to work in the US.

Welcome to the US!