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Caroline Ettig  France Charter French Immersion – Public School teacher
Caroline teaches in a rare public charter school that offers the prestigious French government curriculum.  The school is run by a combination of dedicated parents and staff bilingual in French and English.  Caroline organized an art exhibit of her students work at the Barlow Market in Sebastopol, California.  Click here for full bio.

Peile Tian  China  Public Elementary School Chinese teacher
Known as Lily to her students, she was beloved in Bend, Oregon where she taught for two years, continually taking workshops to improve her Mandarin-teaching skills for US students. In summer of 2021, she transferred to New Orleans after her program closed in Oregon.  Click here for full bio.

Briony Price   UK Charter School Music and Drama – New York City
Click here for video testimonial on Briony’s culture shock experiences: www.vimeo.com/615562001/b9e6e4693c
Also click on this link showing students’ work: YouTube: VOICES ON – New York

Fabien Delonnay HeadshotFabien Delonnay France Primary – Private French-Immersion SchoolIn 2010 Fabien returned to the US for his second J-1 visa term, after teaching French in Helsinki, Finland. See his interesting dialogue comparing his teaching experiences in international and immersion schools in India, Finland, Oman, Syria, and the US. Click on his photo to access the 9-minute video
China_GraceRuihong Ge China High School – Public School Chinese teacherKnown as Grace to her students, she was beloved by the community of both the middle and high schools where she taught in central Washington, DC, winning awards for her students plus free trips to China for both students and staff for three consecutive years. Click on her photo for a fascinating photo-journey of her positive influence on US education..
Daniel Sanchez Medina Spain Bdanielsanchez_medinailingual School, Washington DC
Daniel Sanchez Medina was highly rewarded by the DC Public School merit system when he worked during two J-1 visa terms at a prominent Bilingual School in Washington DC. Though recognized by DCPS as a highly functioning teacher and renumerated generously, he was not able to complete his third year in the second program. His early return to Spain in order to be with his father during his ailing years in our view points to strong character and family cohesion.  Read more >>>
Janine_Weers headshotJanine Weers Germany German Immersion School – California
Article on outside work opportunities and parameters under J-1 visa statusJanine previously worked in a different J-1 visa category. After returning to the US, she was asked to be an advisor on a part-time basis up to 10 additional hours per week allowed by CHF. Click on photo to read her story giving an excellent example of how teachers in J-1 status can also serve the community and further fulfill the State Department Exchange Visitor mission and purpose. Read more >>>>
image001Eloise Engel Switzerland German Immersion – International SchoolTaught first-grade German in an international school. Eloise is fluent in several languages. She offers a fascinating look at how a foreign exchange teacher is able to assimilate comfortably into American culture, then bring back a more accurate view of life in America and the US education system. Click on photo for her articulate essay. Read more >>>
John_BradshotJohn Bradfield New Zealand High School Baccalaureate – Boarding School
John Bradfield began teaching Baccalaureate Math at a large boarding school for girls. It was his first experience teaching outside of his native New Zealand, and the CHF teacher exchange enabled him to come with his family to live in America. Previously he was a professional sheep shearer growing up on his family’s farm in New Zealand. After only two years at the school, his infectious personality and intelligence won him a promotion to Dean of Education. Read more >>>
marica_triola_2011_photoMaria Carmen Triola Italy Charter School – Elementary and Secondary Italian Maria Triola taught a sequential k-12 curriculum for an advanced and updated approach to teaching of Italian language and culture.  The Cordell Hull Foundation worked directly with the Italian Consulate in Boston and the Embassy in Washington, DC to facilitate her J-1 visa sponsorship. She was well-loved by her students and staff in a couple of Boston public schools.  Unfortunately, we lost her, as there was no way to extend her visa status. She is now teaching in Cambridge, England.
 Zhiming Wang-Classroom-websiteZhiming Wang   China  Sister City Program – Mandarin and Chinese culture
Zhiming Wang, a university professor in China, shares his experience to help future teachers who apply to obtain a J-1 visa through the Cordell Hull Foundation (CHF). Also, you will find several photos chronicling his winter outdoor activities during his teaching days in the U.S. Northeast – in English. Read more >>>
celineCeline Garnier France High-School French
Celine began her experience in the U.S. teaching French in two NY State high schools. Though the school district tried to persuade her to return, she opted to go to Ecuador to teach in a university. She is fluent in Spanish as well as English. After a year in Ecuador, she moved to Canada, bore two children, and has returned to France to complete her PhD in instructional technology.  Read more >>>
Andre_Sockmack_CHFAndre Sockmack Cameroon French-Immersion Charter School Third Grade 
Andre Sockmack inspires his students to be better citizens while teaching in his native language, French. He completed his Masters degree in Education while under sponsorship of CHF’s teacher exchange program. Reed more >>>
 KeikoMitsugi crop1Keiko Mitsugi Japan Sister City Public School
CHF was requested by a Congressman to assist with Keiko Mitsugi’s Sister-City exchange. She dedicates considerable care and attention to creating educational exchange opportunities for American students and teachers to visit Japan each year. Read more >>>
 Zhiming -WangZhiming Wang
China Mandarin and Chinese culture 
Essay: My Terrific School in Maine! Click on second photo of Zhiming Wang at left for detailed description of his four-month sister-city exchange and the his vivid description of professional, sports and cultural experiences in a very welcoming Maine town. More at >>>
angelaAngela Watson Australia High School
Angela Watson teaches History and Geography in a Seattle high school. Every year she creates a unit on Cordell Hull and his influence during World War II that helped inspire his Nobel Peace Prize Award in 1945 as “Father of the UN.”  Read more>>>
Romildo_2005_CHFRomildo Ghezzi Peru / Canada  Spanish Immersion/ESL – High School
A talented linguist, Romildo Ghezzi is fluent in French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese, plus English and Spanish. In the U.S. he taught in a public Spanish-Immersion Middle School. He has visited CHF’s Spanish programs in Oregon and Michigan, observing and interviewing bilingual Spanish teachers. He is now living in Toronto. More at >>>
 Dolly_Morantes_Testimonial_Oct_2008Dolly Morantes Colombia  Spanish Immersion –
Public Elementary School Intern

Dolly Morantes completed her internship in H-3 Visa status sponsored by CHF. She shared the rich culture and heritage of Colombia with her U.S. students. While in the U.S., she attended St. Thomas University where she took classes in English, Sociology, and Children’s Literacy.  More at >>>
 Christophe_Chanrion_j-1_VisaChristophe Chanrion France  French Immersion –
High School Teacher Trainee
Christophe Chanrion completed his internship in H-3 Visa status in CHF’s French teacher trainee program. A great communicator, he came to the US with minimal fluency in English. While completing a practicum for one year in a high-school specialized French-immersion class, he learned to speak English so well that he went on to land a teaching job in En gland for six years. In 2011, he moved to the United Arab Emirates to teach in an International School. PDF 
You_Wu J1 Visa Teacher ExchangeWu You China New England Boarding School –

Wu You worked in Connecticut as part of the Start-Talk Program. Click on Photo at left for a narrative and pictures depicting her experiences teaching Mandarin to U.S. students. Read more >>>