Spanish Reps

The Cordell Hull Foundation (CHF) collaborates through several professional Education advisors from the Government of Spain positioned throughout the US to sponsor highly qualified teachers from Spain.  Most teacher candidates have Masters degrees with 10-20 years of teaching experience, they speak excellent English, and are tenured in the National Ministry of Education in Spain.

Some advisors work with CHF because we offer applications, manuals, videos and J-1 visa orientation materials in the Spanish language.  They support teachers to flourish and grow while in the US.  The Government of Spain Visiting Teachers Program requires teachers to return to Spain at the end of the J-1 teacher exchange visa term to share their new skills and experiences with their countrymen.
CHF offers all pre-arrival materials, booklets, manuals, and orientation materials in Spanish to ensure that when teachers first arrive in the US, they can better understand the complicated J-1 teacher visa regulations while not yet accustomed to hearing English spoken around them every day. 
CHF helps launch newlly arrived teachers off to a strong start by helping them to catch on to the regulations from the outset during our 5-hour in-person (or Zoom) orientation workshops in Spanish.  We help prepare them for the inevitable stages of Culture Shock and for interacting with American parents.  Most J-1 sponsors do not translate all their materials into other languages, as it is not required by the regulations.
The highly skilled education professionals from Spain live in different parts of the U.S. and help teachers get established when they first arrive in the US, give them periodic workshops, check in frequently, as they live in the area, and also provide tremendous psychological support and guidance.  They understand the many challenges that foreign teachers face when they try to adjust to the American education system, most in public schools.  These professional education advisers are very experienced and passionate about making their program a success, the “Visiting Teachers Program.”  The Cordell Hull Foundation has to work hard to explain to J-1 teachers from Spain that they are part of the “Bridge USA Teacher Exchange Program,” too!

Here is a list of some advisers stationed in various parts of the US.  You can find additional contacts in other parts of the US by writing to


Government of Spain Teacher Exchange Reps 

CITY First Name Last Name email address
New York and Connecticut Nuria Algar
Indianapolis, Indiana Pilar Lara
Lincoln, Nebraska Sergio Perez
Washington / Oregon Javier Montero-Pozo
New England (except Connecticut) Manuel Collazo

The Government of Spain Visiting Teacher Manual may be found on these links: