Luis Zerpa – Venezuela

New England Spanish Teacher

Pictured with supervisor Jonann Torsey
Luis Zerpa with supervisor Jonann TorseyThe New England boarding school where Luis teaches Spanish is quite an unusual campus with a unique array of services and facilities. He has an ideal living arrangement for his family in a white clapboard house on the edge of the school grounds … the atmosphere is one of a big family, sort of akin to how Americans view close and joyful Latin families. In addition to high academic standards, much attention is focused on sports and creative endeavors. The school prizes Luis’ equally unique blend of talents. He is not only very athletic but also intellectual. In addition to being an experienced teacher, he holds a law degree, which has aided him considerably in understanding and interpreting the sometimes complicated U.S. visa regulations!

“Yes, this is a very warm school, even though we are in New England! The rest of the faculty and staff are very nice….it’s great to be a part of such a great community, I feel like the luckiest man on earth ! My family is enjoying their American experience, my kids are learning a lot and so is my wife.

This school has really been a blessing, not only have they received all of my family and myself with open arms, but the whole concept of the type of education that is imparted here is very special and unique. It’s what our Headmaster calls the TDH model, the Total Human Development model, that integrates and educates the individual within the whole community, teaching respect and responsibility values and making the most of each individuals strong and unique abilities in order to succeed and stand out in life. Our motto says it well: “In a world that expects you to fit in, we teach you to stand out.” Certainly this experience has changed my life for the better…..again, I feel the luckiest man alive….Thank you and the foundation you represent for opening up this channel of opportunities to people of all over the globe, to learn and share experiences of the true great American values are!”