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The Cordell Hull Foundation, based in midtown New York City, takes pride in providing comprehensive support for K-12 exchange teachers in J-1 visa status at affordable fees. We offer detailed instruction videos and online guides for each step of the way, comprehensive cross-cultural 5-hour orientations in many US cities (and sometimes on Zoom in Covid times) in four foreign languages, ongoing in-depth advice and updates to schools and teachers on the exchange visa and travel conditions, newsletters, fact sheets, online manuals, immigration booklets, and more. A non-profit organization, we operate in public and private schools in 40 US States.  Before proposing that we sponsor a K-12 teacher to work in the US, read below the specific qualifications required for eligibility.  These are the regulations.  We cannot make exceptions … every condition must be met.
All candidates MUST:
(1) meet K-12 teacher requirements in home country or last legal residence,
(2) possess the equivalent of a four-year university degree in education or degree in the subject matter to be taught (i.e. science),
(2) have at least two years’ full-time teaching experience, which does not include required internships or part-time teaching toward obtaining a degree or teaching certification,
(3) satisfy the standards of the US state in which you plan to teach,*
(4) possess English language fluency, i.e. be able to carry on a conversation in English with the American Embassy consular officer,
(5) be of good reputation and character verified by recommendations, reference conversations with prior supervisors, social media posts, etc.,
(6) work as a full-time teacher in a US accredited school for a minimum 32 hours per week,**
(7) be working as a teacher at the time of or the school year prior to application,
(8) teach at same level in the US: Kinder, primary, middle or secondary,***
(9) work as a teacher “of record” in the US school, i.e. the student receives credit for the class and the teacher’s name appears on report card.

J1 teacher visa applications links are below in English, French and Spanish.  It includes a Memo of Understanding to sign, scan and email to CHF (pro@cordellhull.org).  For best results, fill out the application in English unless you know the school recruiter speaks other languages.

Currently we only accept sponsorship applications for candidates who are living outside the United States.

The qualifications for a J-1 Exchange Teacher Visitor are listed above.
Teacher Exchange Blog:  http://j1visateachexc.blogspot.com/

The Cordell Hull Foundation offers support in cultural adaptation and understanding of the complex J-1 visa, starting with the required in-person 5-hour training in 15 US cities.  Teachers are contracted by the school, school district on a temporary basis for a period of one year, extendable to five years. Participants are expected to return to their native countries to use their skills and expertise acquired during the exchange period, to strengthen the ties and communications which unite us with other nations.

* In some public schools, standards cannot be confirmed until after the teacher actually arrives in the US and presents his/her credentials.
** A school registration in the state is not equivalent to an accreditation.
*** University professors cannot teach at the Kinder level, for example.

CHF is not a personnel agency and does not represent individual teachers to place in schools.  We specialize in foreign language-immersion and Baccalaureate schools, where teachers are tenured in their home countries and teach in their native language, i.e. French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian and Portuguese.Webpage written by and edited by Joseph Scott, Communications Director.


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Memorandum of Understanding Memorandum of Understanding – Required for teacher applicants to print and sign

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