Watch CHF Instruction videos for schools and teachers to learn in-depth the various Cordell Hull Foundation J-1 teacher visa processes.

Videos in ENGLISH are listed first, then in French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Instruction Videos English English     Instruction Videos French Français     Instruction Videos Spanish Español

LANGUAGE / subject   Password Presenter
New Program – for Schools No PW Carlos Chubb
Step by Step – for Schools No PW Marianne Mason
Passport or DS-2019 Lost or Stolen No PW William Arthur
CHF Non Transfer Policy No PW Carlos Chubb
Form 515-A No PW William Arthur
Cultural Activity Report-ENG No PW Carlos Chubb
4th-5th year Extension Procedure No PW Carlos Chubb
Work Permit for J-2 spouse No PW Carlos Chubb
US Embassy tips – J-1 visa application No PW Carlos Chubb
Two 2-YEAR BARS  No PW Carlos Chubb
Travel Validation 1st-5th years No PW Marianne Mason
J-1 Visa / Travel Validation distinction No PW Marianne Mason
Support Letter – 4th-5th year No PW Marianne Mason
Cultural Activity Report – extension No PW Marianne Mason
Off-Cycle Request – for schools No PW Carlos Chubb
J-2 Dependent Visa – English No PW Carlos Chubb
J-1 teacher new regs Feb. 2016 No PW Carlos Chubb
How to Renew J-1 visa No PW William Arthur
Culture Shock – Independent Schools

No PW Kevin Glass
How to teach in US – for teachers No PW Carlos Chubb
Rapport d’Activite Culturelle No PW Corinne Gungor
Politique de Transfer No PW Gerard Martinez
Permet de travail No PW Corinne Gungor
Travel Validation No PW Amelie Moyaerts
New Program – for Schools No PW Carlos Chubb
How to teach in US No PW Carlos Chubb
Work Permit – J2 Spouse No PW Carlos Chubb
J2 Dependent Visa No PW Susana Ghio
Cultural Activity Report No PW Carlos Chubb
Mexican Consulate – How to Apply No PW Joseph Scott, Susana Ghio
Cultural Activity Report  No PW Aibing Jia
J2 Dependent Visa No PW Jacky Zhang
Travel Validation No PW Aibing Jia
DS-160 form instructions No PW Xiaoxiao Ji
Folding & Stapling DS-2019 No PW Jun Jun Nan
CHF Chinese Program video (English) No PW Anthony Yen, Yigi Wang, Xiaopan Wang et al
J-1 Visa Vitality – French-American Schools No PW Yves Rivaud, Bruno Eldin, Beth Lebihan et al
French Immersion Charter School No PW Evelyn Anderson
Baccalaureate School Model No PW Kevin Glass, Scott Hibbard, Jie Moore
CHF Program Video No PW Kevin Glass, Cordell Hull, Marianne Mason et al