How may I contact the Cordell Hull Foundation to apply or to ask questions?

(1)  First read this page to learn about how the J-1 exchange visa program works.  Be aware that CHF is not an employment agency and does not work with teachers independently.  An exchange program must be officially set up via written agreement with the school or district.  With all new programs starting January 2007, the school or district must cover the expense of J-1 program sponsorship through the Cordell Hull Foundation, not individual teachers.
(2)  Secondly, fill in our Teacher Exchange application: Contact to Cordell Hull Foundation
(3)  You may complete the application in English, French or Spanish if you prefer.
(4)  Read, sign and complete the Memorandum of Understanding.  Either mail it to our address below or fax to:  646-349-3455.
(5)  In your covernote to, describe why you are applying and sending the application.
(6)  General questions from teachers submitting unsolicited applications are answered only after teachers first complete the CHF Teacher Application form.
(7)  If you have been already received a tentative job offer pending acceptance into the CHF Exchange Visitor Program, and the school or district has already set up an exchange program through written agreement with the Cordell Hull Foundation, you may write or call to ask questions about the process.