Find a Teaching Job in the US

First, watch this 4-minute CHF video suggesting how to get a job in the U.S.:

If you wish to fill out a Cordell Hull Foundation teacher application form, we will keep it on file and submit it upon request for a teacher with your qualifications and experience.

We will contact you only if a school requests your resume.

DO NOT: expect us to keep you informed.
DO NOT: write and ask for period updates.

If you wish to work in the US, research job opportunities from one of the following websites or other schools online. Another excellent vehicle is to attend an International Teacher Fair, where prominent international Baccalaureate schools travel from all over the world to meet and interview teacher candidates.

List of websites where you may be able to find an International Teacher Fair to attend:

International School Services>
Council of International Schools (COIS)
Search Associates>
Carney Sandoe
University of Iowa

Organizations where international teachers can look at for job opportunities in the US and overseas:

Carney Sandoe
The International Educator
International Schools Services
Search Associates
Southern Teachers

National Association of Independent Schools website:  Not a teacher recuiter, but there is a section listing job openings in private schools in every state of the US.

If you’d like to complete an application for the Cordell Hull Foundation to keep on file, go to  Scroll down and choose a CHF Teacher Application Form. Obviously if you complete it in English you will have a better chance of employment in the US.

You can read about our J-1 Visa Teacher Exchange program in general by clicking on Teacher Exchange” on the top toolbar.

The process for a school to work with CHF to sponsor a J-1 visa is explained in the CHF video:

The Cordell Hull Foundation offers this information as a public service. We do not actively represent teachers looking for work.