J-1 Teacher Visa Status

All conditions are necessary in order to qualify.

J-1 visa federal regulations require foreign teachers to:

(1) qualify to teach in K-12 schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence
(2) have two years’ full-time teaching experience
(3) satisfy the standards of the US state where they teach
(4) be fluent in English
(5) be of good reputation and character
(6) teach full-time 32 hours per week minimum in the US
(7) possess the equivalent of a US university degree (4 years) in education or subject taught
(8) be currently working as a teacher in home country or country of last legal residence
(9) Exchange Intent–to come to the U.S. for the purpose of exchange, not work.


(10) work as a principal, intern, tutor, counselor, coach, librarian, curriculum coordinator, or in any staff position other than classroom teacher 32 hours per week per CFR 62.24 Guidance 2019-01[2], Feb 1, 2019
(11) have worked in J-1 teacher visa status in the US during the previous 2 years
(12) work in day-care schools

Note:  These federal laws are not flexible.