Dolly Morantes

Dolly Morantes

Dolly Morantes
Trainee, Spanish-Immersion School, Midwest
H-3 Visa, 2007-08

The Cordell Hull Foundation gave me the great opportunity of an American cultural experience. It was one of the best experiences in my personal and professional life. Working as a Spanish teacher assistant over 18 months at Adams Elementary Spanish Immersion School in St. Paul, MN.

I worked in different grades from kindergarten through 6th grade. In Kindergarten the children started learning by singing Spanish songs and playing games and listening to native speakers. Immersion is an interesting program. I worked with small groups in the classroom making didactic material which is one of the best strategies for teaching a second language. I showed videos, pictures and typical clothing from my country, Colombia. I had the opportunity to attend St. Thomas University where I took 3 different classes, English, Sociology and Children’s Literacy. I valued the American university experience.

During my time in America I lived with two amazing host families. They were both very helpful with everything. They loved having, Spanish trainer at home because they wanted to learn about other cultures, customs, food and language. They wanted to see how we live in South America. After a while they feel like your own family! You can share dinner and other activities together. During spring, fall and winter breaks you can travel around the country without any problems with only a state issued ID, Identification Document. It is better than bringing your passport everywhere since it is easier to replace if something were to happen.

About the health insurance, that is one of the best parts of the program. Why? Because health care is very expensive in the USA. We have excellent health insurance at Cordell Hull, which I’m very thankful for because I used in twice during my stay in the Twin Cities. You never know when you’ll be sick or have an accident. It can happen.

I can tell that Cordell Hull Foundation is an excellent and serious program. Gracias.

Dolly Morantes
Foreign Languages Student
Colombia 2008

Dolly Morantes Testimonial Oct 2008