Since its founding seventy years ago, CHF has sponsored thousands of foreign exchange teachers to work in US schools. A not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the work is dedicated to notable statesman Cordell Hull, Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Laureate designated as prime architect of the United Nations. In keeping with the late Secretary’s wishes, CHF promotes comity among nations through education and cultural exchange focusing on foreign language immersion, Baccalaureate schools and foreign-language programs while also sponsoring some teachers of Math, Science, ESL, etc.  Click here to find a general program video on the legacy of Cordell Hull and testimonials from school heads and students on our teacher exchange program or watch the video below:

Cordell Hull Commentary from CHF on Vimeo.

The English version of the 4-minute CHF instruction video on how to set up a New Program to sponsor teachers in J-1 exchange visa status may be found on in English, French or Spanish.  You may also click on the detailed setup guide on this website.

Feel free to browse this website to learn more about the J-1 visa teacher exchange program and that which we stand ready and able to do for you. Or consult our blog for detailed aspects of the required health insurance and other suggestions:

CHF takes pride in presenting orientations for new teachers in numerous US cities narrated by native speakers of French, Spanish, English and Mandarin. Though all teachers are tested for English fluency, it is easier to absorb the visa complexities explained in their own native language upon arrival.  Not only do we present orientations by native speakers of four languages, our orientation quizzes, Powerpoints, videos, and Visa and Immigration booklets are also translated into more than four languages.  The required workshops explain the intricacies of the J-1 visa, Culture Shock, relationships between American parents and foreign teachers, and other important aspects of foreign teacher exchange such as classroom management and tax exemptions.

During new-teacher orientations, CHF presents a session on Culture Shock breaking down the process into five stages of adjustment aided by animations of each stage designed by former J-1 exchange teacher Tom Gilbert.  French principal and CHF orientation presenter Sebastien Pelletier designed several animations of Culture Shock for French Teachers, and French Principal/Consultant Gerard Martinez designed a companion quiz and also has contributed his detailed Welcome booklet in French. See my book, J-1 Visa Uncloaked–Complete Cultural Training Guide available on which offers CHF orientation quizzes in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and German plus other required support materials.  I am grateful to the many talented and experienced education professionals who contributed materials for this book and also to Kevin Glass, who has narrated two orientation videos in English.  Former founder of an acting troupe in Britain, he is quite comfortable and charismatic on film!

The Foundation provides foreign teachers the opportunity to broaden and deepen perspective, increase objectivity, while developing a more realistic, practical sense of how the world works. Though not a simple or easy adjustment, most participants find opportunities to expand individual human potential, increase independence and self-esteem.

For specific qualifications for teachers to meet to qualify for J-1 teacher exchange visa sponsorship by CHF, see our home page under ELIGIBILITY.  The 2016 restrictive guidelines established by the US government require regular elementary teachers to have the equivalent of a four-year US university degree in education or the subject matter taught to be qualified for J-1 teacher visa status.  These new regulations narrow the field for teacher qualifications so that it is possible to assume a teacher would normally be qualified, based on experience, but the regulations could prevent CHF from sponsoring.  Don’t forget to read the eligibility requirements to make sure a foreign teacher falls within the range before presenting their candidacy!

CHF now requires partner schools, school districts, and Confucius Institutes to watch a training video outlining Host School Responsibilities, which explains the teacher visa regulations to schools.

We look forward to exploring ways for the Foundation to work with you!  Click here for a short bio on my background.

Marianne Mason, Director