Daniel Sanchez MedinaDaniel Sanchez Medina was highly rewarded by the DC Public School merit system
when he worked during two J-1 visa terms at a prominent Bilingual School in
Washington DC. Though he was recognized by DCPS as an outstanding teacher
and enumerated generously. He was not able to complete his third year in the
second program. Due to due to family matters he decided to return to Spain after
two years. His early return to Spain in order to be with his father during his ailing
years in our view points to strong character and family cohesion. His high moral character, as well as his
outstanding pedagogical skills, were also communicated to American students. The Cordell Hull
Foundation is very proud to have sponsored him as an exchange teacher.
In May of 2015, he wrote to CHF Executive Director Marianne Mason:
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Cordell Hull Foundation and to thank
you for your help and strong support all these years. Without your professionalism and commitment,
exchange programs like this would not be possible. I wish to share with you that my participation in this
program has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I am happy to say I have lived a really
exceptional, enriching experience in this country. Working in the context of American education has made
me improve as a teacher, and at the same time it has allowed me to share the experience gained during
my years as an educator in Europe.
I am extremely grateful to the Cordell Hull Foundation and in particular to you for your valuable support
and dedication.