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English:  Virtual Exchange Instructions for Cultural Activity Report – CHF.rtf


Chinese: Chinese Version_Virtual Exchange Instructions for Cultural Activity Report – CHF

Complete activities 1 & 2 if you teach in Grades Kindergarten to 6th, and complete activities 1, 2, ad 3 if you teach in Middle School or High School.

Upload your Cultural Activity Report to the CHF Zoho portal.  All CHF teachers have received an invitation to log in within three days and create a password.  If you have not already created your password, write to and request an invitation link.

All teachers in J-1 visa status must write a Cultural Activity Report, due on March 15 each year to the Cordell Hull Foundation.

Every report must have at least two components:

  • An activity sharing your culture (or foreign language) at school or in the community
  • An interactive exchange between your students and students in your home country via Internet-Skype, email, etc.

Middle-School and High-School International and/or Baccalaureate teachers must report on a third activity that includes sharing your home culture outside the school premises.

Note that the State Department requires you to do a minimum of two activities per year but you can repeat the same activities each year.

You may find video links on our website – in English, French, Mandarin and Spanish – explaining how to write the report.
Go to / J-1 Visa / Instruction Videos

Upload fact sheet describing how to conduct Internet Activity in detail: