Celine Garnier-Perrault, France – Upstate New York

Public High School French and Spanish Teacher
Celine Garnier

Celine is pictured at left in France in May 2016 with husband, Franck, and their two children.

Celine set the benchmark for persistence and adaptability when she taught in the US in a upper New York State school district with some of the highest benchmarks in the nation.  She designed the curriculum for the High School French Literature course. Her personal qualities evoked admiration from colleagues, students, and supervisors alike.  A French native, she is also fluent in Spanish.

While obtaining her doctorate in Instructional Technology, she headed the recruitment and training for the Cordell Hull Foundation’s Spanish Teacher Trainee Program in 2003-04.  She found extremely qualified candidates for a U.S. public Spanish immersion school in Minnesota, where interns learned the American system of immersion teaching while living in host families.

Celine is now teaching both high school and university in France.

She designed and delivered a special technology workshop for the interns tailored to their needs when CHF sponsored French and Spanish interns on H-3 visas in 2003-4.  Pictured below with her CHF intern students in the school technology lab when she delivered her customized training …

Celine Garnier