4-5 year J1 visa extension

Since February 2016, K-12 exchange teachers in J-1 visa status have been allowed to extend their 3-year visa terms up to 5 years.  These 2-year extensions (to the 4th-5th year) must be formally requested by the the Cordell Hull Foundation as J-1 exchange bridge-program visa sponsor.  As of January 2022, the US State Dept. collects a $367 fee for each extension.

Cordell Hull Foundation requirements for 4-5 yr extension of teachers:

  1. Submit Cultural Activity Report
  2. Upload proof of health insurance to Zoho portal
  3. Pass a basic English comprehension video test if not a native speaker

Requirements for schools:

  1. Submit support letter for extending the teacher
  2. Pay CHF a $1,000 flat fee for the 4th-5th year for each teacher, plus $200 for J-2 spouse dependent and $100 for each J-2 child dependent
  3. Pay the additional $367 fee to CHF to pass on to the State Dept.
  4. Extend a formal contract to the teacher for at least one additional year signed by both parties (both the school and the teacher) in advance of CHF’s formal request to the US government.